Escape Room: The Sick Colleague

My first released game on Steam is an escape room, where you can move freely in 3D and inspect and combine objects to solve puzzles in order to finally escape.

Development started in December 2019 and the first demo version was on Steam in May 2020. After a lot of bug fixing and polishing the full release was on 5th of September 2020. In November 2020 the first version of multiplayer was added to the game.

Having thought this would be a fast in-between project that I could could be finished in maybe 3-4 weeks time, it was a good reminder how much longer a project can take if you have to challenge unknown technical barriers and only have your spare time to work on the game (with other hobbies competing for my time). Also, programming on the day job sometimes leaves no more energy in that part of the brain to continue doing the same after work.