About Bitbeast Games

I am a small, independent, hobbyist game developer from Germany. My name is Oliver and I am financing my game-making endeavors as a database programmer. But as a trained media computer scientist I strive to create more interactive experiences.

In early 2015, I talked to a friend of mine (Moritz) about making games and we decided to direct our passion for games to the creative side and started developing our first game called The Slurping Dead. The main goal of the game was to learn the basics of the whole production cycle, especially developing with Unity, but also modeling assets, transferring gameplay ideas from the brain to code, and hopefully making the game available for players. Obviously, with a day job and families, there was little time for all of this but we tried to make the best out of it.

After making the game, we realized that making money from our hobby would be very unlikely so Moritz decided to try his luck as a self-employed senior software developer (which worked out really well) and leave the game development behind.

I decided to continue making games in my spare time since it is too much fun to give up 😉 The first projects are a retro football manager and an escape room game. The latter is already finished and is doing quite well on Steam.

My future goals include developing innovative games I would like to play myself and digging up new concepts of gameplay that will help to define what games are.

(Moritz and Oliver at the Unite 2017 in Amsterdam)