Escape Room game now in beta test

When I was visiting an escape room in my hometown last November, I thought this would be a fun thing to play in the virtual world as well. Especially in VR and in multiplayer. Well, those features are a bit above my skillset at the moment so at least I tried to replicate the room the best I could for a traditional singleplayer experience.

After a lot of walls I hit and eventually climbed – and I learned a lot by that! – now the first version is ready to be beta-tested. The plan is to bring the game to Steam in the end but there are a “few” tax issues to be solved. I expect them to be a lot of harder than making the game itself 😀

Maybe if I get my hand on a VR headset in the future there will be a version for that, too. And with a lot of time, even multiplayer should be possible. It would be really cool to have big escape rooms that exist as private rooms on a server and need to be solved by a couple of drop-in drop-out players during a few weeks. Like the egg-hunt in “Ready, Player One!” 😀

If you are interested in playing this beta version just send me an email, tweet or message on Facebook. The current version is German only but I am working on a translation right now.

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