Current project: a football management game

Finally another update after over a year. Like always, there was too little time for the development besides the day job. But now, my current project has advanced a bit, so that I want to talk about it.

When I had an Amiga 500 back in the days, I loved playing “The Manager” (or called “Bundesliga-Manager” in German). Recently I was looking for some similar game but I couldn’t find any. Electronic Arts has abandoned the “FIFA-Manager” and to be honest I never liked it very much. It had too many features which is fine for some people but for me, it felt too much like work. The pacing was too slow and often I couldn’t grasp the consequences of my actions. Some decisions even seemed to be mere puzzles (optimizing the team).

So I turned to the simpler games on the mobile platform, but most of them are cluttered with in-game purchases or Facebook integration. So instead of whining it seemed obvious to make my own version of a football manager. Over the next weeks I hope to provide some deeper insight into the design decisions I took so far and what I want to do differently.

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