Unity Networking learning project: Supercars!

After getting very positive feedback on Soccercraft, we decided to continue working on that project. The next obvious step to implement is a multiplayer functionality. Except for a few tutorials covering the Photon Networking solution, we had no prior experience in that area. So we decided to get our hands dirty and set up a new learning project with a strong focus on testing multiplayer features. We decided to look into the brand new UNET, the networking solution built in into Unity.

We followed the manual and the tutorial on the Unity website and adapted the lessons to a simple 2D racer called Supercars!


This is kind of a remake of the old Amiga classic since we did not want to create new gameplay, but to focus on the multiplayer features (and as you can see, we used the original artwork so far…). After setting up the first working version, we now have a playground for testing things out. For example we implemented a gameloop and kept it in sync with all the clients, we build a small chat, and a few bots for non-existent players that could be swapped out anytime for new connecting clients. So far it is fun to work with but it happens again and again that we have to think hard how it is all working together.

We will now revise what we have done so far and correct mistakes we possibly made in the beginning. We hope to provide the project as a learning example for other devs soon, since UNET is very new and few best practices are to be found. We also hope that our mistakes will be brought to daylight ;).